Just Me

To say the least, my brain is all over the place these days!  It is about time for a change of pace.  I’ve always been a “less is more” kind of guy and now I think I’m getting to be more of an extremist about this philosophy.  I have not shot a personal project in over two months and it doesn’t bother me.

This year I shot a lot of editorial content and posted a lot of photos to my tumblr which did gain me some followers.  This was fun and it is always nice to have more people enjoying your work, but it also created a problem.  I was shooting some great content and then some not so great content.  I was shooting way too much.  The funny thing is that the stuff that I felt wasn’t so great was still getting published.  So maybe it was still good, but just not what I wanted to be doing?

The other issue was that I got a lot of followers who just wanted to see the photos of the models I photographed but didn’t want to read the words I would write.  But this is my blog and you don’t get to come here and tell me how to run it.  If you don’t like it, leave.

These are all minor problems in the grand scheme of things but when it comes to my work I don’t like to be bothered with little problems or distractions.  I’m sure nobody likes problems or distractions, but they really throw me off of my game.

I have decided to slow down even more.  I have one possible shoot coming up that is exactly what I want to shoot, I’m just trying to schedule it.  If I cannot get this one scheduled I might not shoot it at all, at least not for a while.  I have some client shoots coming up this week and I am definitely going to get creative with those!  Right now my brain is more focused on creative portraits rather than fashion.  I’m sure I’ll have more fashion editorials to shoot soon enough, but for now I want a real connection with my work.

Believe it or not I am really enjoying the weddings and portraits I have been doing lately!  It is a really nice change from the fashion industry.  It has inspired me to make some changes to this blog.  I’m not going to be posting only my industry work here, while I will still be posting it, I will also be posting more images from my client work (including weddings and portraits) and some of my personal work which has nobody in it.

My main site has changed, now there are several sites linked to one where you can see all of my work, including what I do with my wife as well as her work.  This is my personal blog which happens to show my professional work.  I write how I am in person, so if you don’t like what you see or read here, you won’t like me in person, the door is always open, so come or go as you please, just don’t tell me what I can or cannot do.  I do not believe in limiting myself or others.  No limitations, and the rules are the ones we set for ourselves.  No judgement, no discrimination, just me, The Average Jim.

Here is one of Jessica Today from a clothing shoot I did a couple of years ago.

Jessica by The Average Jim