Day-to-Day Business and The Average Jim Foundation

I really need to update the galleries on this site, I have so much more work to show!  This year alone I have had a lot of published editorials and I just realized that, although I have blogged some images from these shoots, I do not have any in the galleries which are currently on this site!  This is what happens when you go “normal” and get a regular website and then come back home to your blog.

I’ll get the newer images up there soon, right now I’m just trying to keep up with everything going on around here.  There is a lesson I learned a long time ago, that is to have a backup plan for everything!  Basically our online service had a major ftp server mishap, and now everything is on backlog.  So uploading images is taking way longer than usual.  But this is why we have a backup system.  I see so many other photographers freaking out and looking for new companies to work with or screaming at this company like they need to come to their business and explain to their clients what is going on.

The first thing I did was send an email to my clients letting them know there was going to be a delay, if they needed the images right away I could send them through another site.  All of my clients were taken care of at this point and no worries.  Now there are still some issues so we have made arrangements to not delay the images to our clients.

Temporary hick-ups happen all the time in business, especially in a technology based business!  Photographers quite often forget they are running a business.  As a business owner the responsibility always falls on your shoulders!  I don’t waste time complaining about what I cannot control.  Instead I take charge of what I can control.  It is actually the one thing keeping me completely sane in this situation and not really stressing.

Once everything gets back to normal I will be able to add a new tab on the menu above that will take you to the site where I will have images for sale! I figure since I have thousands of images, why not share them with the world!  The images will all be a fair price as I truly believe in tangible artwork.  I do have some limited edition items on my Etsy store, but if you’re into my work and want to help fund The Average Jim Foundation, “Helping keep The Average Jim off of the streets for over 40 years” then this is the best way to do it! 😉

For now here is one of Kensy from the archives!

Kensy by The Average Jim