Taking Over The World

I have had many “ah-hah” moments in my career.  Most of these moments come when I think of something that is totally outside of the box.  I think I had another one of these moments today when I thought outside of the box using items that were inside the box.  I’m not sure if this makes sense or not, but it does, really, trust me, it does!

Photographers have been losing work to other photographers and to people who choose to have friends take photos of what they need or they go to a big box store and buy a DSLR and just take their own photos of their own products.  This is just the nature of the industry.  Plus the learning curve is much smaller now that you can see the images on the back of the camera and make adjustments without having to wait a week for your film to come in.

There are other tools out there as well which, if used properly, can turn your photography business into something amazing.  But, you have to be creative and know how to use them.  Now I consider myself to be creative and it took me a long time to really figure this out.

I have been a musician most of my life, I’ve had to tour, sell CD’s at gigs and really market the hell out of myself just to get by.  I have also been a photographer for the majority of my life and I have been marketing myself, selling my work and my talent and getting by.  But what if I could sell my work, my talent and my brand?

A couple of years ago a model made a comment about my logo on the photo, she said it was bad product placement.  I told her she just thinks that because she is looking at the photo from the wrong point of view.  The image was not about her, it was about me.

I’ve started my Etsy store now, http://www.theaveragestore.com and it has 10 images in it for now which are for sale.  I will be adding new items nearly every day, so check it out. I will also be adding a link to this site very soon where you can purchase prints from all of my editorial sessions at a very affordable price, but the one of a kind prints will only be sold on my Etsy site.  I wish to sell my art, my ideas and all of my creations.  It is my first subtle step in taking over the world. 😉

Kara by The Average Jim