Making Sense

I have moved to Palm Springs, even though I am only 90 minutes away from LA, maybe 2 hours if there is traffic, it feels like a different world.  When I was in Ventura I was only an hour away from LA, but the further I go the more I realize that I have pretty much left that world.

For the longest time I was a part of the whole LA scene, competing for jobs, photographing the current “it” model of LA.  Now I’m not and I don’t miss it at all.  I still shoot editorials and I still have agencies contact me for test shoots.  But I’m in Palm Springs, and it is a world away.

The coolest part of this move is that I am so much happier where I am now.  I get to be an artist on my very own playground.  This is where I need to make the mental move now that I have made the physical move.  Sometimes my mind still tells me to shoot what the LA scene would like, but my heart is telling me to shoot what I think I want to show the world.

It is a slower pace out here in the desert, I like it.  I will be shooting more soon, but it has to be with the right people who are up for my ideas.  It is part of my Helmut Newton approach to photography.  I am the art director, I am the photographer I am the one who decides what images get shown.  I refuse to limit myself and I will continue to push myself even harder to create the images I have wanted to create for so long.

Some people may not get it, and that is fine, but when that one person does get it, that is when it all makes sense.

Willow by The Average Jim