What’s On The Menu?

I get so many sales calls a day.  People wanting me to pay them for advertising, pay them for updating my website, pay them for… well sometimes I don’t even know what.  I had one guy call me today telling me for a certain fee he could track who is coming to my website and track them back and call them for me to see if they want to hire me.  That kind of seems like stalking to me.

If someone comes to my site and decides not to hire me that’s cool.  I’m okay with not getting hired by everyone.  I know I am that choice on the menu that not everyone is certain about, well at least not until they try it!

The best ones are the ones who find me on the internet and then tell me they can’t find me on the internet.  I’m sure this type of advertising works for some people but I just don’t think it will work for me.  I’ve got a pretty niche market.  Sure, boudoir is pretty much women in general, but clothing companies, lookbooks and stuff like that?  I have only been told that these clients found me through google once.  Otherwise it was always a referral or somewhere else on the web.

Everyone wants to be on the first page of google or have a ton of reviews on yelp.  Maybe I should be trying for these things too, or not.  Honestly I’m just trying to get my Etsy store off the ground and start shooting more art for it!  I like selling prints and books, my services can be on the cheap, it is honestly my art I care the most about.  So until these people can figure out how to get people to buy my art from me, I don’t think I’ll be needing their services.  But no worries, I’m sure they will keep calling.

Here’s one that will be on my Etsy store soon!

Olivia by The Average Jim