Masters of Bullshit

Is it just me or is social media just turning some people into masters of bullshit?  Agencies and advertisers now want the models in the photos and the photographers who take the photos to have a huge social medial following so they can help promote their product.  I don’t get how this is possibly a good idea.  I know, on the surface it seems like there are numbers of untapped users out there and this is a great extra way to advertise, but let me tell you what it does.

I see people in the “fashion” industry with thousands of followers, but here is the problem.  The same 10,000 followers a model has are pretty close to the same 10,000 followers this photographer has.  Or, all of these fans are just a bunch of horny guys who want to see hot photos of naked girls on their phone.  Unless the naked girl is part of the deal they are not buying your product.

Relevant followers are what advertisers should be looking for.  But no, some guy in an office said, they need to have a certain number of followers and now that is the golden rule.  Whatever, it’s cool with me, I chose not to take on those jobs a while back so I’m not even in the running anymore anyway.  But the bullshit part is this.  I am seeing more and more photographers starting magazines, or should I say picture books.  No articles, just photo series of agency models stripping out of their clothes.  I shoot nudes, I’m no prude, but it’s glorified glam, it’s not fashion.  It is T&A.

Plus on social media they will post a photo of a famous model shot by a famous photographer and just say #inspriation… but you’re technically passing it off as yours.  Some people get it but a lot don’t see the difference from you posting Kate Moss on your timeline calling it inspiration but I hear people in the industry saying, “did you know so and so got Kate Moss to be in their magazine?”  It’s false advertising to some extent and it is bullshit.

It is not like this industry is the most moral and politically correct industry to begin with, but apparently we are all supposed to just take the bullshit as truth and keep on patting each other on the back.  After all, if we share all the same friends and we all call each other amazing the other billions of people in the world will have to notice right?

As usual I prefer to do things my own way and not care about people who don’t care about my work.  If you come here to just see the pretty girls in the photos that is fine, I know you’re there, its cool.  I’m just not going to show images I didn’t take and pass them off as possibly being mine.  I’ll just stick to what I do, I don’t need to fake being cool. 😉

Maddy by The Average Jim