Story Time

I have always loved stories.  In high school I excelled in my creative writing classes and I still love telling stories.  Now I get to tell them through pictures, which is way better than trying to proofread a story!  I think if you’re trying to tell a story with the photos it automatically brings some intellectual content to the images.  I don’t care if it is erotic, fashion, boudoir or portrait sessions, or even a wedding, tell a story!

I see so many photographers just taking pretty pictures.  It’s cool, I like pretty pictures, but I get bored with them really fast.  I have failed myself many times because I was wooed in by the pretty picture and forget to tell a story.  These are always learning experiences for me as I like to figure out where I lost the intent.  This is one reason I push myself to be better as much as possible.  Not just to be a better photographer, but a better and more creative story-teller.

There are a few new ideas brewing in my head, as usual, but there is one I am really wanting to put together pretty soon.  It is a little bit erotic, a little bit innocent and a whole lot of cool!  Hopefully I can put it together in print the way I see it in my head!  If so I think it will be the next step in the right direction!

Here is one more from my editorial session with Robyn

Robyn by The Average Jim