The Average Plans

I have not blogged anything for a little while mostly because I’ve been moving and working.  The move into Palm Springs is almost finished, just lots more stuff to unpack and put away.  But by the end of the week I should be ready to get back to normal!  Whatever that is….

There are some big plans in the works, as usual, I’m good at coming up with ideas that take up way too much of my time.  I will hopefully have my book finished and available before the holidays!  It turns out I had way more images than I had thought for this book.  Nothing like creating more work for myself.  So I have to narrow it down and select the images for the final draft.  The fun part is going through all of the old photos, I love going through my old work!  Sometimes you find that hidden gem you never knew was there.

I was recently told I don’t rant enough anymore on this site about the downside of the photography industry.  I think that is mostly because I have decided not to care about what others are doing or not doing.  I have had several opportunities to post something here about watching a photographer I know make every wrong decision for their business, I could mention how photographers are now using social media to flood every outlet with mediocre images and a million hashtags.  I could even mention how there is a total misunderstanding of the term “style” in our industry today.  I won’t even get into the garbage some “magazines” are putting out today.  I’m trying to keep things positive, so I won’t mention any of that today.

Instead I will talk about the positive.  I have at least one book coming out (self published) and possibly a second book as well, if I can get my shit together and finish it!  I have a big promotion coming out for my boudoir photography business so I will be swamped most of November and into December.  And of course I will be shooting more editorials very soon, I just need to get these moving boxes out of my new playground!

And for those of you who read down this far and just didn’t want to see the nude photo below, I will also be speaking at Inspire this February!  I’ll have more on that later, but if you are one of the attendees you will get to hear me rant in person. 😉

Stephanie by The Average Jim