I can’t draw or paint.

What type of photographer am I?  I’ve been asked that before, a lot!  I shoot a lot of fashion, boudoir and glamour images.  But what makes me different from the other photographers out there who do the same thing?  I’ve said style in the past, but how does one show a style?  Also, part of me describing to others what type of photographer I am means that I need to know myself what type of photographer I am.

I am not a technician, I know my shit, but I am not a technical photographer and I don’t believe in reading data to tell me whether or not an image is good.  If I can execute my vision into a print, it doesn’t matter how I got to that point, as long as I got to that point.  This is the type of photographer I am, I believe I have the mind of an artist but I cannot draw or paint or sculpt so therefore I take photographs.

No matter what, I deliver what I see in my head.  I was asked why I don’t shoot RAW and I simply said I don’t need to.  To me it doesn’t matter what I shoot or what you shoot, what matters is that I deliver the product I said I was going to deliver.

I don’t care what camera I use, film or digital, even though I do have a huge obsession with film, and I don’t care how new or old a camera is.  I’ve said this a million times, the best camera for the job is the one in my hands.  It’s what I do for me and I’m cool with that, so far my clients seem to be too. 😉

I will continue by film obsession with this image of Victoria shot in Miami a couple of years ago.

Victoria by The Average Jim