Enjoying The Moment

I wanted to be inspired today.  I watched a couple of documentaries and honestly I was disappointed.  I watched one on Burning Man and I got to see how a great idea was turned into basically a theme park.  This is just one more reason why I probably fear mass success.  Because to be massively successful you basically have to do what the majority of people like.  I don’t think I have ever really done anything that the majority of people like.

I can’t help it, I just see the world how I see it.  I’m pretty sure I’m like everybody else in one way or another, but overall I think I see the world a little differently.  At least that is what my mom has always told me.  Was she actually just telling me in a nice way that I am weird?

But weird is okay.  Weird is different.  My wife and I actually named one of our businesses “Anomie” which meant to deviate from the norm.  There isn’t a lot of money in that by the way, at least not from a commercial view point.  If you want to make money being weird you better have some weird friends with money!  But it could happen organically.

I guess I just don’t know how to be everybody else.  I’ve been told I’m really good at seeing through bullshit, which is why sales tactics and false flattery really doesn’t do anything for me.  Usually when someone says “oh I love your work” followed by “and I’m selling this to help you sell your work” it’s usually a sales pitch with no authenticity behind it.  You have to be aware of their motives.

And all of this blah blah blah has come from the simple fact that I wanted to be inspired today.  I like inspiration but you can’t force it.  I know this already but sometimes I like to kick start it a little bit.  Today is just a day of reflection and is a chance to breath a little better and clear the cob webs out.  Maybe I don’t need inspiration at the moment, maybe I just need to not be inspired and just simply enjoy the moment.

Casey by The Average Jim