Happy Clients

I love my clients!  Honestly I don’t feel like my job is actually work.  I love what I do and I have happy clients because of it.  Yesterday a client came in and picked up her prints and her little black book.  When I showed her the first print her excitement was obvious!  I love it when I get to see this in person and experience their joy with them.  She was super excited and didn’t stop smiling, that just made my day!

I am lucky.  I get to do something I love to do that makes others happy.  I may not have a job that will save the world from total destruction, I am not a civil servant and I am kind of a luxury, a want, not a need.  But I get to make people happy.  I get to make them feel good and let them have fun!  Happiness and laughter will add years to your life!  And if I can make someone happy by doing what I do, then I will just keep on doing it!

This is the message I received in my inbox the other day “I want to thank you again for today, I felt so beautiful and I absolutely love the photos”  This was about two hours after she left my studio.  She had already seen the proofs and picked out the book she wanted.  Once I edited the photos I received this message “Ahhhh! So awesome! You really do some magic I can’t wait to see the book it’s killing me not to show the husband these photos right now!”

I never get tired of seeing these messages in my inbox, I love having happy clients!  I know a lot of photographers have happy clients, which is awesome by the way.  I know my service is a want and not a necessity of life, but when you really think about it, isn’t being happy and feeling good a necessity?  Just something to think about.  So you don’t have to book a session with me to be happy or feel good, but maybe you should find something that makes you feel good and just do it!  It can be as easy as getting a massage, going to the movies, hanging out in the park or booking a photo shoot!  Just be happy, enjoy the little things and do what feels good!  That is a recipe for a happy life. 😉

Here is one from a recent shoot with one of my boudoir clients who was kind enough to let me share some of the images we got that day.

Trisha by The Average Jim