Keep You Guessing

I feel like I am always making changes to what I do or how I do it.  If you think of yourself as an artist you need to keep evolving and figuring out where your work fits in.  What happens when you feel like your work never fits in?  Or if people really like it but are afraid of what others would think of them if they said they liked it?

These are things I have learned to put aside.  Some people are going to like what I do while others are going to be offended and then others will form their own opinion.  The one thing I have learned is that none of this matters!  What other people think of me is none of my business!  I have so-called friends who will talk shit behind my back because I photograph female models, and worse yet sometimes they are nude.  Free the damn nipple already and start worrying about real problems in this world.  I have one “friend” who insists I must do what I do for sexual gratification.  Honestly, how is it any of their business if that is why I do what I do?  Is my work any different if I think like a perv or if I am a frustrated artist who is never satisfied?  The viewer is always going to make up their own mind, and that is their job!

I have been working with women for a very long time, I’m comfortable with this and I get told time and time again how comfortable I make them feel.  It is a relaxed vibe when I pick up the camera, I have made several platonic friends over the years of doing what I do.  I do believe that men and women can be friends, I have a lot of female friends who would agree!  I think people let their own insecurities ruin things for themselves.  If you’re afraid of what others may think of you, you are most likely not going to buy one of my nude art prints to hang in your bathroom.  You will probably just browse my blog over and over again.

There is nothing wrong with the nude body, it can be portrayed in several different ways and in thousands of different forms.  Something you find provocative may be tame to another.  We all have different taste.  Myself, my taste is all over the place and my work shows it!  But whether you think I’m some perv or if you think I’m some mad genius or if you think I just take pictures, you all may be right, or just some of you may be wrong. My job is to keep you guessing. 😉

Jess by The Average Jim