Going out with a bang!

So I announced that I was selling my beloved Mercedes.  I already have several potential buyers so I had to do one last photo shoot inside of it!  And what a way to go out with a bang!  I was shooting an editorial session, which turned into one of my most favorite sessions of all time!  And yes, that is saying a lot!  So we shot the editorial, it had gone so quickly that we decided to improvise and shoot another magazine submission, why not go for two right?  And then the magic continued to happen so I asked her to shoot in the Mercedes.

The last several shoots with this car have been wonderful, everyone just nailed it!  And normally I would have hesitated asking because I would hate for my last shoot to be not so good, but the way things were going I just had to shoot in it!  And I was not disappointed at all!  What a great day, what a great shoot, and it all just left me in such a positive mood!

I have been known to say that luck is the result of hard work and skill.  Well, the other day just proved that to me.  I have been working on a certain style for a long time, I’ve been persistent and I have seriously been working my ass off!  The luck was that I had found the right model at the right time for what turned out to be the right shoot for everything.  When everything clicks like it did magic does happen.

Desirey, the model, fully understood all of my concepts and was up for anything I could throw her way, my wife Kelly did the hair and make up and just nailed it, I could not have told her to do anything better and for some reason my old, faithful camera was working like it was brand new.  Sometimes the Universe throws you a curve ball, but then there are days when it hands you everything you could have ever wanted.  Yeah, I’m feeling pretty damn good at the moment!

Here is a sneak peek of one of the shots from the Mercedes…. I really should start a fund to donate to just so I could keep this car!

Desirey by The Average Jim