Goodbye Old Friend

There is one thing in common with people who are extremely successful.  They seldom care what others think of them.  They do their own thing, they push boundaries and are not afraid of being liked or disliked by anyone.  What they are is true to themselves.  This is something I strive for every single day!

I’m sure there are people out there who don’t like me or what I do.  But then I get those emails from people who tell me they love what I do.  That is cool and all, but it is not what drives me.  What drives me is me.  My vision of the world and my desire to show it off.  I am an extrovert.  Not too many photographers out there are extroverts.  They may have the outer appearance of one, but truly they are very introverted artists.  I’m also kind of blunt and have some asshole tendencies.  Of course I was just told by another photographer how she thinks that is why she likes me! Ha!

The more I expand my own horizons and push  my own boundaries the more I like what I do.  Even when I am reverting back to my favorite styles or props, like the Mercedes, I try to something new, or at least something that works for me.  That one is a hard one to describe, but as long as it works for me that is all I care!  Yeah, I can be a little selfish in my work too.

So basically what you’ve learned about me from this post is that I am a selfish extrovert with asshole tendencies and I love every minute of being me.  I’ve probably said all of this before here on this blog but hey, I’m a narcissist too.  I will continue this rant on another day.

In other news…. sad news, the Mercedes is for sale.  I am including a one of a kind art book with photos from many of my photo sessions with this beloved automobile.  If anyone is interested in purchasing this car and art book, please contact me via email.  I am taking any reasonable offer over $1000.00 let the bidding war begin. 😉

I have not posted all of the images on this blog or my website, but you can get a sample of some of them in the Drive portfolio.

She will be missed, but never forgotten.

Monique by The Average Jim