The Average Me

Okay, so it’s been a little bit since I’ve posted anything here.  I’ve been shooting like crazy, working out of state and getting ready for more major changes with my business and my own personal work.  It is amazing how time slips away when you work too much!  I don’t like that.  I love the work, but too much of a good thing is still too much!

Lately I have been feeding the beast in my head all of the weird thoughts and ideas I have and want to shoot.  It’s been fun coming up with new ideas, even if they’re just new to me!  It all started when I needed to find a model for an editorial and the two I spoke with bailed on me at the last minute so I had to scramble to find someone.  This made me change my concept and I honestly think it got better!  Then I got an email from a wedding client about a seriously cool idea for their ceremony and it all dawned on me.  I don’t like doing anything normal.

From my boudoir clients to my wedding clients to the editorials I shoot.  Everyone digs the weird stuff.  I love that my clients get this about me!  I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not just to book a gig.  My portrait clients know about the naked people who run around my studio and they’re cool with it.  My fashion and commercial clients know I shoot weddings and they’re cool with it.  At the end of the day it is still me pushing the button, and that is all they care about.

So that is my inspirational thought for the day.  Just be yourself.  Do this and you will see how happy you can be!

Monique by The Average Jim