Gritty Intentions

There have been so many times when I have talked about style and photography on this blog.  To me this is the one, and most important thing a photographer can obtain to make themselves stand out from all of the other photographers out there.  I love gritty, grainy, imperfect photos.  I remember going to a gallery show years ago and my favorite image was one that was so grainy you could barely make out what it was a photograph of.  It was beautiful!

Everyone has different taste, and that’s okay and it’s actually wonderful.  For me I prefer walking the edge between artistically grainy and unusable images.  Whether I’m shooting film or digital I need to make sure my vision is clear, because one wrong move on my end and I just have muddy, garbage images.

When I shoot it is a dance between my vision, my intention and the mood I wish to create.  And when all of these things come together it is a pretty magical thing.  Well, at least to me it is!  And when the magic happens, you can’t help but want to do it again and again! Luckily, that is exactly what I get to do every day!

Happy Monday!

Codi by The Average Jim