Happiness Is Not Overrated

I have an odd way of viewing the world, I know this because I get told this a lot by others.  But to me everything is an experience and everything I do is meant to have that experience to it.  Some will get it some will not.  It’s okay either way.

I do shoot a lot of editorial content and submit to fashion magazines, blogs etc…  I don’t do it for the money, simply because there really isn’t a lot of money involved in it, sometimes none at all and sometimes it actually costs me money to do these shoots.  I do it because it allows me to express my vision of a lifestyle I enjoy pursuing.

When I shoot portraits, boudoir or weddings or editorial even, I am in the moment of what is happening.  Sure, my goal is about the imagery, but my heart is in the moment.  Basically what I am saying is the old phrase, stop and smell the roses.  The entire reason I do what I do is because I enjoy it.  Everyone out there should be enjoying themselves as much as possible all the time!

I shoot what I shoot because it is fun, it is carefree and it makes me happy!  Don’t over think it, just go out and do it.  People spend too much time wondering what others will think of their business or their personal life.  Who cares what others think?  Enjoy yourself and if you’re not happy, do something that makes you happy!

Being happy is not overrated, pretending to be is.

Tabatha by The Average Jim