The Unique Jim

I have been working on a lot of new projects.  One of them is shooting weddings again along with more lifestyle sessions, but of course in my style.  If there is one thing I have learned over the years it is that being who you are is the only way to be a photographer.  Years ago I did the thing where I tried to fit in with the rest of the portrait world, for some reason thinking that people wanted what was “normal”.  I could not have been more wrong!

Over the past several years I have been weeding out the clients who want the norm and have been working with those who want what I do.  This is a hard decision to make because it can decrease your income if you realize that nobody wants what you want to do!  But for most of my life I have gone against the grain and never really wanted to be a part of the in-crowd.  I think one thing that makes all artists of all forms kind of the same is that we see the world differently.  When you deviate from the norm, you create something unique, these uniquities are who we are which what we do is a direct result of.

I have always loved photography and music which is why those two forms of expression have always been a pursuit of mine.  I am lucky enough to have succeeded at both as a profession, but as I get a little older I find I really want to pursue the artistic side of both.  Now when I say artistic, I use this term as a very loose definition.  I wish to be creative and just show what I see, to me this is being artistic.

Tonight I have a meeting with a potential client who likes my style and wants to talk about what I can do for them.  It just goes to show that when you have a vision and choose to show it to the world, the world just might respond back. 😉

Lucy and Sky by The Average Jim