The Daydreaming Jim

I have had a lot of conversations with other photographers about the business of photography.  There are some who have a very serious take on the technical side of things.  They must have the very best and newest camera out on the market to ensure they deliver the highest quality images to their clients.  They must have a new computer at least every two years because technology changes so rapidly.  And this goes on down the line from memory cards to camera bags, lenses and all the pieces that go together to call it your gear.

My first thought was always talking about style and how that is what matters most.  Gear doesn’t matter, it is what you do with it not what you can buy.  But this argument is just wasted breath to these people.  Their answer is always the same, “but it’s not the best”…. but what determines “the best”?

Personally, I think whatever accomplishes the goals you want to accomplish is the best.  But these other photographers still tell me I’m wrong.  They tell me how much better it could be if I used a different camera and different editing software or shot it differently.  I’m starting to think photographers like to argue their point more than they do actually creating images.

I like the results I am getting.  It is my vision and how I wish to represent it.  So maybe I’m not necessarily a photographer?  Maybe I am just a creative person who happens to know how to use a camera as a tool to create the images I wish to create?  But then they will still tell me I’m wrong.

I like to daydream.  I like the feeling of daydreaming and basking in the sunlight.  I like the mood of summer and the way the heat makes my skin feel.  I like what I do.  So keep telling me I’m wrong and you can be right all you like.  I enjoy being different, if everyone saw the world the same way, why would we need pictures to remember anything?  Just my Saturday night ramblings…

Here is one from a fun shoot I did today with my assistant Robyn.

Robyn by The Average Jim