Beating the Heat

So we are having a little bit of a heat wave here in Southern California, it’s been in the high 90’s and even triple digits at the beach, this never happens here!  Well in reality it does, but almost never!

To beat the heat I have decided to just dig through the archives again and pull out some never before seen images.  I am actually caught up on all of my client edits and am getting ready for a meeting tonight, but other than that, I’m just enjoying the good life!  Part of that good life is being able to do what I want, I’m not gloating, well maybe a little bit, but life is good and I’m going to enjoy this ride as long as possible!

Just remember, when it gets hot out there, hotter can be better! 😉

Here’s a little #tbt of Cassandra from some years ago.

Cassandra Dawn by The Average Jim