Too Hot For Wardrobe!

I just wrapped up another great boudoir session, I’ll be sharing those images soon as this was actually a client today who doesn’t mind me sharing photos!  But for now, I’m trying to beat the heat, it just isn’t normal to have 99 degree weather at the beach!!! At least not in Ventura!

One reason I like to share photos so much is so that I can keep showing off my style, plus I love what I do so why not talk about it?  I like the gritty, fun images.  I have never been one to just want to create a technically perfect image, where is the fun in that?  I want to show a mood, a moment and a personality in the images I shoot, everything else is secondary.  Sometimes a little bit of imperfection is what makes it perfect.  But maybe that is just me, either way I’m sticking to what I do, my clients seem to be digging it!

Of course the great thing about boudoir photography is that there is very little wardrobe involved, days like today it definitely is better to be running around naked! It makes the heat much easier to deal with! 😉

Danielle by The Average Jim