Style and Vibe

I have always liked to just keep it simple.  There is a certain attitude I like to show in my work.  Even with wedding’s or boudoir or when I shoot fashion, there is a definite defiance and a “too cool to be there” vibe I really like.  Honestly, it is about just hanging out and getting to know each other and letting everything else just fall where it may.  Granted, there is a little bit of structure to it on my end, but that all comes into play when I want it to.  Yes, believe it or not, I am in quite a bit of control of what I do.

Every photographer has their own methods, and if they don’t than they should!  Part of the reason I have consistency with my work is because I have my methods, I have my way of doing things, and honestly, they work for me and it seems as though my clients are happy.

It is about visualization and being able to put what is in your head into print, or a digital file these days.  I miss prints.  But that is another topic for another day.  Today I am just celebrating style and vibe.  If it feels good, it probably is.  Today I feel good, lets see what tomorrow brings. 😉

Maddy by The Average Jim