Creating Yesterday

I have been asked again why I shoot what I shoot and what is my work about?  Sometimes I just like taking pretty pictures, sometimes I like to get creative and sometimes I like to shoot fashion.  I don’t have any one goal or agenda when I shoot.  But if I do, it is to just create images that the subject in front of my camera will enjoy.

There is a sense of nostalgia when I am taking photographs.  The method inside of my head is one of looking at the present as a memory.  How do I think this moment should be remembered?  And it is happening right now, right in front of me, so to me photography isn’t about capturing today or foreseeing tomorrow, it is about creating yesterday.

So if you ask me what my work is about, in some way all of my work is about creating a mood and a feeling that takes you to a time and place you want to be.  It may be different for everyone, but if you drift away at all by looking at any of the images I have created, well then I have done my job. 😉

Lucy by The Average Jim