Behind The Madness

I seem as though I am all over the place with my work.  But I am not.  Part of everything I do with my photography is not just about creating beautiful images or sexy images or my obsession with photography, it is actually about me.  I put a piece of my own life into every single photograph I take.  I put the way I see the world and the way I look at my subject into every single photo I take.

When I post images online and they have my name on it, it’s not a watermark to keep someone from stealing the image.  It is my signature, it is my brand, it is me.  This practice is different for everyone, and for me this is just how I do it.

I know I have an unorthodox approach to business, to life and to everything I do.  I also have an unorthodox approach when it comes to my business.  It is ever-changing and growing with me as I grow and learn more about how I want to do things.  Just because you once did something a certain way does not mean you now have to keep on that same path.  Times change, people change so why shouldn’t your business practice?

To anyone who knows me, they know how much I hate money and how I have no desire to be rich.  But unfortunately I have to pay rent and other assorted bills.  But this is why I try to select the best possible products to sell to my clients.  Even my basic books have actual prints inside of them.  None of these little crappy books that anyone can buy online.  This way the quality is there.  But that is a blog post for another day.

Yes, I am rambling again.  This is what I do when I think, yes this is the process that goes on in my head all the time!  Bounce from one thought to another yet they all seem to work themselves together as one.  It’s all connected somehow.  Now you see why I take pictures, it’s the only time I can really focus on the task at hand! 😉

Emily by The Average Jim