Average Clients

I have been making some major changes to my business over the past several months.  I have been a long time believer of being true to yourself and to not trying to do everything like everyone else.  For years I fell into the trend of having different websites for different clients.  One site for weddings, one for boudoir, one for fashion and commercial.  Honestly, this is too much work and something I just don’t like.

I am me.  I am a photographer.  Whether I am shooting your wedding or boudoir session or a fashion editorial, I shoot the way I see it.  I use my vision to shape the image and tell the story I want to tell.  There are some in this industry who claim that anyone with a camera can do the same think as any photographer out there.  Well, no they can’t Jeff.  That is like saying that anyone with a paint brush can be Picaso.

So anyway, I am now putting all of my work on one site.  If some of my work offends and turns off clients oh well, they are not the people who should be my client.  I like to work with people who want someone who wants to get creative for them and create images that will last forever.  This isn’t a sales pitch, this is just me stating that this is the way I am doing business from now on.  One site, one vision, just me, The Average Jim. 😉

Karrie by The Average Jim