I just make this sh*t up as I go…

As a rule with a lot of my sessions I tend to make it up as I go.  Of course I will start off with a concept, and I will shoot that concept, but then if and when I get another idea, I like to run with it!  Anyone who has posed for me knows this about me.  If I don’t like the vibe 100% I will start looking for another idea and not be happy until I get the image I want.

I have very few rules when I shoot.  Show up on time, or close to on time as I’m not really a clock watcher.  Don’t bring someone to the shoot who is a distraction to me or to you.  And be up for a great shoot!  Everything else will just happen the way it is meant to happen.

I like to think of it as no boundaries, no inhibitions, no limitations.  This is how I get my creative flow on.  Just turn me loose and let me do my thing.  Plus having an RV stocked with ice cream never hurts… 😉

Codi by The Average Jim