Film and Digital Mash Up

There are days I just want to go back to shooting film full-time.  And then there are days when I want to shoot film, scan it, do everything in Photoshop instead of the wet lab and have the best of both worlds.  And then sometimes I just want to shoot digital and post them directly to Facebook and never look at them again.  Okay, I know I’ll look at them again.

Maybe I feel this way because I have a few rolls of Kodak film sitting here that they gave me at a recent trade show and I am feeling the itch to shoot it as soon as possible!  Well, if I don’t get anyone in here soon I will just make my assistant pose for me again. She’s always up for that!

I think I need to just have some fun shoots soon, not for clients, not for editorial, just something for me.  It’s nice to know that I still have the desire to shoot for fun after doing this for a living for as long as I have!

I’m just rambling now…. time to get back to editing, but here is a film shot of Amanda… something I just love about it. 🙂

Amanda by The Average Jim