I am the best at being me.

I made a comment on Facebook earlier today stating that I have never found success by doing what everyone else is doing.  I think part of this comes from never wanting to be one of the herd and always wanting to separate myself from my competition.  Also I really have the need to be true to myself and to my work.

I know some of what I do would not be considered artistic by many people who view it, and I’m fine with that.  Part of being a creative is developing a thick skin and knowing that some people will not understand your work no matter how hard you try to explain it to them.  So how do you avoid this? I have simply stopped trying to explain what I do to those who don’t understand it.  Same goes for those who condemn it.  If you don’t like it push that little red X in the top corner and this page magically goes away.

I am what I am.  I do what I do.  I say what I say.  Get the point?  The only thing I can be the absolute best at all the time is me.  I can work towards being a better photographer, I can practice guitar all of the time and play faster and louder than everybody.  Eventually someone will be faster and someone will be louder, but they will never be me.  I am the one constant I can count on.  This is what I choose to work on.

Just something to think about…. 😉

Kara by The Average Jim