The Average Fashion Editorial ;)

One of my goals for this year was to shoot more fashion editorial projects and actually have them published.  My goal was to have at least one published editorial per month.  Well so far so good!  I just had my 5th one of the year come out and we are still in April!  I will be shooting a few more of these sessions this month to try and up the numbers even more!

The main reason I want to shoot this type of work may be different than you would think.  Some people want the publicity, some want the tear sheet and to add it to their list of work.  Me, I like it because it forces me to push forward.  It forces me to come up with new ideas and to really come up with new concepts all of the time.  Or I can revisit an idea I had years ago but add to it and give it more of an edge.

Either way, it gets my name out there and it keeps me creating new work.  It is good motivation to keep thinking outside of the box!

Here is one from my latest session with Chelsea for Cake-Mag!

Chelsea by The Average Jim