Art, Business and Inspiration

I want to do things differently.  So I am going to. I have added a new section to my pricing page.  It is The Artist package.  This is probably going to be one of my new favorites to book.

The Artist package is simply a boudoir session that puts me in total control.  It takes as long as I feel it needs to take to tell the story which needs to be told.  My client will pay the sitting fee and I will be the one who selects which images to edit, and will edit any number of images I feel I need to edit and the client will then select a product based off of the final images available.

Is this a risk? Yes, but I am confident in my ability as a photographer and I am confident that my clients will love what I do for them.  My clients have very little risk financially because they do not have to put a lot of money down and only purchase a print or book if they like the images.

Will this work?  Who  knows, I just know it is a direction I wish to head into with my business.  I had a client this past weekend who kind of inspired this package and it ended up turning out beautifully!  I have done work like this before and it always turns out amazingly well.  So why not offer it as a regular package?

So here is to trying new things! Wish me luck! 😉

Robyn by The Average Jim