If You Build It….

I am having one of those days again where I just want to sell everything I don’t need and get down to the bare minimum of things I need to be a photographer.  But then I look around my studio and I see all of these things I use for different shoots all over the place.

Maybe if I just shot fashion this would be easier?  But sometimes I will shoot fashion to get ideas for my boudoir clients.  So I may have built a set for an editorial shoot, but now my boudoir clients can reap the rewards and have creative images for themselves!

It is kind of a catch 22.  I need these things to help me create the images in my head but then they take up space so I want to get rid of them, but then my clients see my work and want to be photographed that way so I still need these sets.  Maybe I just need a bigger studio?

Either way I will figure something out, for now The Average Jim’s Playground is in full swing and open for business.  Now I just need to clean up the Vaseline from the mirrors before tomorrows session!  I can’t show those images yet, I’m submitting them to a great fashion magazine, so instead here is one we shot right after the editorial!

Chelsea in the Mercedes.  I can’t wait to share the editorial photos!

Chelsea by The Average Jim