The Right Kind of Friends

I had a fun day yesterday.  Two boudoir shoots in the afternoon and in the morning, one of my wonderful make up artists/model came in early so I could play with a new toy!  Nichole was kind enough to pose for me while I tested out a new camera I am interested in.  Luckily my friend Alex loaned it to me so I did not have to rent one.  It’s nice to have friends in this business!

We shot for about 30 minutes and honestly I just shot by the seat of my pants.  We didn’t have a lot of time so I just gave her a few instructions and she (being the pro she is) took over from there.  There are several shots I want to post here, but first I have to say that I have never been so impressed and never wanted to start shooting everything with this camera!  And it’s basically a point and shoot!

I have camera bodies ranging from $2500-$8000 and this little thing is honestly just as good, and sometimes better!  Sometimes I do wonder if my clients would feel weird hiring me and when they show up I am using this little camera instead of my big “pro” camera.  I think if I start shooting with it at every shoot and show the quality people really won’t care.  But that is something for me to think about it after I purchase one for myself.  It is honestly the perfect camera for editorial out on the street when you’re trying to be a little more stealthy and not get noticed.  It’s also perfect for the beach as it fits in your pocket!

Maybe I’ll do another shoot or two with it and see if I’m still in love with it.  I might just ask one of my boudoir clients if I can use it on their shoot.  I would love to see what this thing could do for boudoir!

Here is just a sample of what I shot yesterday with Nichole.  Happy Sunday!

Nichole by The Average Jim