An Invitation to Smile

What is sexy?  This is something that each and every one of my clients views differently.  Some just want to photographed in their favorite outfit, some want to wear their boyfriend’s shirt, some don’t want to wear anything at all!  I mentioned the whole “Girl Next Door” description the other day and what this means to me.  The definition would be cute, approachable, unassuming and all American girl.  Of course, there is the romantic side as well, which is where the sex appeal comes in!

I always tell my clients to have at least one shot with a smile in it.  Smiles are sexy!  It is part of this whole girl next door vibe I love so much.  No matter how much or how little you are wearing, a smile is inviting.  A smile also puts you in control, a smile can say and do a lot!  It changes the whole dynamic of an image, and I love it because of that!

Watch movies where the girl either has a nervous smile, friendly smile or just an all out laugh.  You can’t help but love the character!  It’s just something to think about, maybe it’s my latest kick that I’m on, or maybe it is something I have loved for a long time?  All I know is that I like it and I am going to keep on telling my clients to smile!

Danielle by The Average Jim