The Average Girl Next Door?

I have talked many times about style and how important it is for a photographer to have one. Well, pretty recently, I was asked by a potential client to describe my style and what made me different from everyone else out there.  Okay, first, I was super excited that someone asked me this!  Second, how do I describe my style?

One way former clients have described my style is very “Girl Next Door”.  I like the photos that make you take a second look at someone, the whole idea of the girl next door is that she is wholesome and sweet and you would never think twice that she is sexy and sultry.  Another way is gritty and very fashion styled.  This is also true, when I shoot gritty fashion.  But what really describes it?

I think my style is a casual connection.  Regardless if someone is looking at the camera or away from the camera, there is something there which creates a connection to the viewer.  I definitely like the girl next door approach, especially for boudoir photography.  I think this is why magazines like Maxim, GQ and Esquire have done so well, they have sexy images, but the women still look very approachable and they also make a connection with the viewer.

Maybe people get confused over the term “Girl Next Door” because Playboy came out with their show several years ago?  Who knows, but I like that term, to the point I am going to do several shoots now playing up this style.  Why not right?  I have some editorial shoots coming up along with several boudoir sessions, but as soon as I get a chance, I am going to make it happen.  Of course, no matter what type of image I try to shoot, whether it is fashion, glamour or boudoir, it is all my style.  My style is just how I view my subject.  It doesn’t matter what they wear, where we shoot or what we shoot, I just do what I do.  And as I have said in the past, I just make sexy happen. 😉

Here is one of Cassandra from the archives…. we shot this several years ago, still one of my favorite shoots!

Cassandra Dawn by The Average Jim