No Stopping Me Now

I truly enjoy being a photographer.  I get to do what I love on a regular basis and really push myself and my own personal boundaries in ways I could have never imagined.  When if first started out, or I should say when I first wanted to become a professional photographer, I wanted to shoot nature and landscapes.  I’ve gone over this story before so I’ll just hit the main points.

I wasn’t good at nature and landscapes.  I was okay, but there was no way I was going to actually make a living shooting them.  I lucked into photographing models, a friend’s girlfriend was a model and that led me to working with her agency and other models.  That led to editorial spreads in magazines and eventually I opened a studio.

Now I shoot portraits and fashion, and kind of a mixture of both when I shoot them.  My portraits are, for lack of a better term, boudoir.  My fashion work is more of a sexy/sensual vibe.  So really, no matter what I do, I primarily photograph women.  Even when I shoot a wedding the primary focus is on the bride.  I sometimes think the Universe is trying to tell me something.

This is why I still like to shoot fashion.  It pushes me and it forces me to stay current in my work.  This helps with my boudoir business tremendously!  I see so many photographers shooting the same stagnant images that I have seen done over the past decade and I think to myself, how in the world can they still be doing the same thing?

I look at photography like I do life.  Once you stop learning you stop living.  I want to keep learning, keep pushing myself to get better and to keep trying new things.  I don’t ever want to settle, I want to see how far I can take this ride, it has been fun so far, why would I want to stop now? 😉

Here is an outtake from a recent editorial I shot with Kara for Cake-Mag

Kara by The Average Jim

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