Getting Technical….. Sort of Anyway.

Okay, for the most part I stay way from the tech talk on this blog.  To me the technical is something that is secondary to photography.  I know other photographers think that it is the most important, but I am not one of those guys.

So to get technical, I have been thinking about changing camera systems.  I would still keep my Canon gear, as it is older, very used and I probably could not get enough out of it if I did try to sell it!  Of all things, I am looking at the new Fuji camera system.  It’s smaller, more compact, and honestly I really like the feel of them!

I would be going from a full frame sensor to a much smaller sensor but the quality that Fuji has put into their new gear is amazing! A good friend loaned me her Fuji  X100s to play with, this isn’t the camera I would be switching to, but it has the same sensor as the one I want.  Honestly, it is the first camera I have used in years that has the skin tone I love!  I can switch between the different types of film looks I love, and most of all, it works really well.  I’m kind of hooked!

I really like the idea of using a smaller camera, especially with the high ISO capabilities it has, higher than I need for what I do, and with it maintaining the skin tone, I just love it!  I’m also a fan of the price, much lower than some of the other cameras that are out there.  I honestly think this is where the future of photography could be heading.  I just need to play more with the different lenses on the other camera.

But here is a test photo of my new assistant Robyn.  Looks like my work. 😉

Robyn by The Average Jim