Fashion + Glamour = Boudoir ;)

I get asked a lot about how I am able to walk between the two worlds of fashion photography and boudoir photography.  For some reason a lot of people feel that it would be intimidating to my clients to see all of the models on my website and to know that I have shot for magazines etc…  I actually feel that being a fashion and glamour photographer helps me shoot boudoir.  To me they go hand in hand.

When you think about it, fashion photography is really all about creating a mood.  Glamour photography is sexy and sensual.  Boudoir photography is a mixture of both.  Plus, one reason you see so many models on my site is because a lot of my clients don’t want their images posted all over the internet!  I work with teachers, law enforcement, and a few other careers where they are not allowed to have sexy photos on the web.  So I give them their privacy, which is another reason they come to me!

Some photographers feel hurt when their clients don’t want them to share images on the web.  But the difference between shooting a fashion editorial and a boudoir session is this.  Fashion editorial, I am being hired to shoot photos for promotional use to be blasted all over the internet, magazines, websites, billboards etc…. My boudoir clients hire me to have that type of photo of themselves for themselves!

It just comes down to knowing your clients, building trust with your clients and honoring their requests.  When a client wants privacy they get it.  I am just flattered that they chose me to be their photographer.  And every now and then you do get a client who gives you permission to share, so that is what I am doing today!

Here is one of my client, Erin. 🙂

Erin by The Average Jim