Positive Vibes and The Secret Sauce

I have been asked by many people how I get to work with such great subjects?  Honestly, it is pretty simple, I have my style and I like to keep a positive vibe.  I keep it professional but I have fun with what I do.

There really is not a magic formula for the work I do.  It’s kind of like Kung Fu Panda, the secret ingredient is me.  There are a ton of photographers out there and honestly what keeps a lot of them from getting work is their attitude.  What keeps a lot of models from wanting to work with some photographers is this idea of putting yourself above someone else.  Why would I want to work with someone who thinks they are better than me?  Or why would someone want to work with me if I put myself above them and talk down to them?

Keep it positive, work with a smile and just do what you love to do.  Set your ego aside and just create great images.  If there was ever a secret to my work that is what it is right there.

I recently shot a killer editorial submission  with Kara, I can’t show you the editorial as the magazine has exclusivity at the moment, but I did have her pose in the Mercedes for me… here is a sneak peek of things to come. 😉

Kara by The Average Jim