High Gear

I have been working like crazy lately!  Between boudoir session, fashion shoots and all of the stuff in-between it feels like I just have not stopped.  I even took a train across the country to a photography conference where I ended up spending most of my time in the hotel room editing photos!  Okay, I did fit some karaoke in there.

This year I plan on spending most of it in high gear.  I want to shoot a lot, get more editorials published and continue to push my boudoir/portrait business.  All of which will be in my style.  I have talked about this too many times, style is everything to me!  I love what I do so I don’t want to do what other people do.  I even tell my clients, if you want what that photographer does, then go hire them to do it.

I’m in too good of a mood to rant.  I’ve got more images to edit, more clients to email and my desk is a mess of work that still needs to get done.  Here is to good times and hopefully a good year!

Lucy by The Average Jim