Thrift Shop Freedom

I have a new obsession.  The back of my ride!  It is amazing what a little bit of creativity and less than $20 at a thrift shop can get you.  I would thank Macklemore for the inspiration, but I’ve actually been shopping at thrift shops for over 20 years lol.

One of the many things I have done over the years is build sets out of nearly nothing.  I’ve worked on location, in studio and in my old house.  I have also built sets in cars, pick-up trucks, vans, motorhomes and now my SUV.  I guess you could say I like to think outside of the box when building something inside of a box.

What people need to remember is that photography is a lie.  It is a good lie, well most of the time, and no I’m not going to get into a big debate about what should be Photoshopped and the use of skinny models.  One more blog post on this subject isn’t going to change the industry today.  So more about the lie.

Photography, especially the type of work I do, is about creating a mood.  I sell a feeling and a desire to look a certain way.  It is make believe and it is a lie.  But it is the kind of lie we wish would come true.  And honestly, sometimes it does, which is why I say it is a good lie.

Photographs may not always tell the truth, but they can alter your future.  You can be who you want to be in a photograph, or you can be who you really are.  Several of my clients are not who they really are in their every day lives.  Posing in front of the camera is their outlet, and their escape.  This is why I build sets, I build escapes for people.  Escape your regular life for a brief moment, maybe it will inspire you to escape more often and start doing what you really want to do rather than follow the herd.

Maybe I’m getting to philosophical about the thrift store items in the back of my car.  Or maybe ten bucks and a little creativity are all you need to experience the freedom of escape!

Tiffany by The Average Jim