The 4th Time’s a Charm ;)

Today was a great day!  Had a great shoot with Robyn again, yes this is my 4th shoot with her and I really think there needs to be a 5th!  I love working with someone who is up for any idea I have and just wants to make great images.  It is such a refreshing feeling and really inspires me to come up with more new ideas.

As a photographer I really find inspiration within willing subjects.  Whether it is a client or a shoot that is just for fun, when someone is up for whatever I can think of I don’t look at it as a time to relax, I take it as a challenge to myself to give them the best image possible!  The last thing I ever want to do is to let them down.  I always want to push myself and think of a new way I can photograph them.

Maybe I am just rambling here, but I am really happy with today’s shoot and the beginning of the transformation of my new ride of choice for photography… but let’s leave that a mystery for now.

Here is a sneak peek from today’s shoot with Robyn, getting retro in the back of my ride. 😉

Robyn by The Average Jim