No Complaints Allowed ;)

Time flies when you’re having fun right?  Holy moly, I have been super busy and loving every minute of it!  Ever since I decided to change the way I do business it seems to have taken off like crazy.  I should have done this years ago.  I have happy clients, I have fun doing what I love and I don’t have time to get on any online photography forums and listen to the idiots complain about everything!

I think it’s funny that photographers (in general) really hate it when clients complain, even if it is not really a complaint, they think it is.  We are in the service industry, people want service from us, it kind of goes with the territory people!  Yet, for this group of people who hate complaints of any kind, so many of them get online and bitch and moan about every single thing that is not perfect in their little photography world.

Okay, accidents and mistakes will happen in any business.  I had an error happen here recently and even though it was not directly my fault, I take responsibility for it happening.  The company I chose to do business with or anyone I employ or contract to do work for me are a reflection of my own work.  Want to cut down on your frustration level, step up and take responsibility for your business.  I honestly could have just blamed a third-party and left it at that, instead I talked about the problem with my client and offered a resolution before they could even ask me for one.

My online proofing also had issues recently, basically the upload tool stopped working because of an operating system I did to my computer.  It’s part of life, so instead of going online and bitching in a forum like so many others, I just downloaded free FTP software and did my uploading via a third-party and my clients had their images on time.

If you are in business and you expect others to solve your problems for you, well I have some bad news for you.  You will be frustrated, your clients will be irritated if anything ever goes wrong and you will hate a job you once loved.

Shit happens, how you deal with it can make all of the difference in the world.  Don’t let other people’s BS ruin your business and my last piece of advice (which I guarantee almost nobody will listen to) stop wasting your time bitching and moaning about things that are actually in your control.  Oh, and while I was writing this blog post, the resolution I offered to my client just came in with their prints, which is two days faster than I said it would take because I actually thought it would take until Friday.  Life is good at The Average Jim’s Playground, no complaints allowed. 😉

Lucy by The Average Jim