Making it up as I go…

Okay, so I have to start with a disclaimer, I am not bragging.  There, I said it, now I can talk about how stoked I am about 2014!

Let me start from the beginning.  I kind of made some New Year’s resolutions this year, yeah the first time in at least a decade!  I said I wanted to get at least one published editorial every month this year, but only from magazines I actually like!  This is kind of difficult as there are very few magazines that really move me these days.  But the good news is that I have already had one published this January and I just got an email today stating that one more has been accepted by one of my favorite magazines.  So yes, I am a little stoked!

I also said I wanted to work with people who get what I do.  So far this year I have had several portfolio and boudoir sessions that have blown me away!  My clients are awesome!  I stopped taking jobs I didn’t want and only work with clients who want to work with me because of what I do.  It is a pretty simple concept, I show what I do, they see it, they hire me, I do it, they love it, they come back for more!  Everyone is happy!

One of the hardest parts of being a photographer is letting go of the notion that you have to be everything to everyone.  The fact is that most photographers cannot do it all.  I know some either think they can or wish they could, but why?  Why not just accept you are who you are and you have your own style and vision?  Life is so much easier when you just accept who you are and stop trying to be something else.

All I know is that I really hope this trend continues over the next several months because this just rocks!  I have not been this happy with my own work for a really long time.  It seems like every single time I pick up a camera I love what I get.  And seriously, my clients are awesome.  I just had a boudoir shoot today, sorry folks the images are private, and it was fun and she was super happy with the images.  During that session I received an email from another boudoir client telling me how happy she was from her session and wants to come back and do it again.

My trick is this… I just do what I do for whomever is in front of my lens.  Sometimes I just make it up as I go, but how much more true to myself could I be than that?

Tracy by The Average Jim