Keepin’ It Fresh ;)

Improvisation is something a photographer must have.  A photographer must be able to think on their feet and be able to make something happen, sometimes out of thin air!  I was working with Codi again the other day and we were shooting some basic commercial shots for her agent and we needed one more look.  I called a friend, who wasn’t home, so I could not use his place and then it hit me.  I know where to shoot!

When these ideas hit me I know what the image is going to look like before I even put the camera up to my face or even take it out of the bag!  When you are shooting fashion, weddings, portraits or anything involving people, you sometimes need to be able to adapt to any situation.  I do this with boudoir sessions, I do it with look books, I do it with editorials and I almost always do it with portfolio sessions.  Shooting at the same location for every shoot is not really an option, people look different and have different wardrobe involved with most shoots.  If I want different looks for my book and I want fresh looks for models I work with several times or even different shots for my repeat boudoir clients I have to use the same props I have, but use them differently.

I guess I am just saying I like to keep it fresh.  I can repeat nearly every shot in my portfolio almost anytime.  But that is only part of what I do, my job is to also be creative and come up with something new for my clients and the people in front of my lens.  Yet no matter what, all of this new stuff I shoot, it is still my style.  You don’t have to compromise style when coming up with new ideas.

Enough with the rambling, I’m just happy.  I’ve had several great shoots in a row and I can’t wait for the next one!

Codi by The Average Jim