Show Off

I seriously have the best clients.  I had a great boudoir session today and I am so happy with the results!  I swear this goes back to what I preach to photographers all of the time.  Show what you want to shoot!  I put images up on my site of what I want to shoot, I show my style and how I do what I do and my clients come in, not only prepared, but wanting photos of themselves in the style I shoot.

So many photographers try to do everything and claim they can copy anything their client puts on Pinterest, but that is so much work!  I do what I do, if you want what those other photographers do then hire them!  Of course, I am finding more and more of my own images on Pinterest these days… at least it is a lot of my own clients putting me on there.

I’m kind of on a high right now from the past few shoots.  They have all gone so well, I have come up with a few new looks here at The Playground and I can’t wait to keep pushing forward into the New Year.  Yep, life is good here at The Average Jim’s Playground, I really hope this is a sign of how this whole year will go!  If so I will be one happy Jim. 😉

Here is one from today’s shoot.

Erin by The Average Jim