Planning The Average Attack ;)

I have been swamped with the holiday rush for a few weeks now, but now that Christmas is over I actually have a bit of a break (except for some editing) and it is time to regroup and figure out the plan of attack for 2014.  I had an inspirational dream last night about my work.  It was more about what I wanted to do and how I really want to expand on my creativity.  I’ve noticed recently that my motivation is not towards expanding my client base, I want to expand what I do for my clients.

I have a shoot coming up where I will be showcasing some of these new ideas, and then hopefully I will be able to show these new ideas to my clients and see if they are willing to participate.  This is why I love working with models and non-models.  The models tend to be up for my new ideas, where as my clients want to see it first.  This is one of those businesses where you have to work hard first to be able to work hard later.

So what am I going to work hard on for next year?  Well, I want to travel more for work, that plan is already in motion, I want to shoot more than ever and continue to not take jobs that I don’t want.  I also want to get a new transmission in the Mercedes, I miss driving that car!  It is definitely the best $750.00 I have ever spent!

Okay, I lied, maybe I do want to expand my client base.  I have had so many good clients these last few weeks and I really have been enjoying work more than ever.  It is amazing how working with the right people can just put you in a great state of mind all of the time.  I know I’m lucky to be able to do what I love to do and I am going to do everything possible in the New Year to make sure my luck doesn’t run out!

Here is a shot from one of my recent boudoir sessions.  I actually don’t post too many photos from these sessions here as most of my clients do want their images to remain private, but every now and then I get one who doesn’t mind if I share!

Cory by The Average Jim