The Average Playtime ;)

I really want to have more fun.  It’s not that I am not having fun already, I just want to have more fun.  I will be shooting more video again and I have a few other tricks up my sleeve for next year too.  I think the whole idea I am going for is just to do more of what I am doing and show more of how I do what I do, or at least have more creative outlets in the field I work in.

Am I selfish to want to just have more fun?  Of course! I want to have fun for me, I also want my clients to have fun and realize that working with me is about having fun and a great experience.  I don’t care about fame or being popular online, but I do love posting on this blog and I want to get back to posting as much as possible!  So the best way to post more often is to have more creative projects!

I’ve got several clients booked for this winter/spring already but I’ll be looking for more!  I’ll be running more specials and shooting more editorials and to be perfectly honest, I will be shooting a lot more just to shoot and have fun!  Inspiration comes in all forms, and I can’t wait to get back to play time! 😉

Lucy by The Average Jim