Looking Good!

It looks like the New Year is going to be good to The Average Jim.  I have an editorial coming out in Uncovered Magazine, I have a bunch of new clients who are honestly pretty damn amazing.  I’m shooting what I love and it actually seems like business is getting better ever since I stopped taking jobs I didn’t really want.  Now I’m wrapping up some last-minute shoots this week and next week so my clients can have those special gifts for Christmas.

But once the 26th hits I have to get in as many editorial shoots as possible!  I have 4 submissions to complete by the end of the month!  Luckily I already have some models lined up and all I have to do is get them on the schedule.

I was asked what my goals were for my photography in the next year.  People always want to talk about goals at the start of a new year.  Honestly, they are the same as they were two months ago.  Keep booking sessions of just what I want to shoot and continue on the path of creativity.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

I have a session in 40 minutes and several photos to edit, time to get off of the blog and back to work!

Emmy by The Average Jim