The Average Popularity Contest

It has been a busy couple of weeks!  Lots of clients trying to get some last-minute holiday gifts, also known as boudoir/sexy photos for their significant others.  I am booked almost the entire month of December and January is beginning to fill up as well for my Valentine’s Day clients.  I guess it beats not having any work!

The hardest part about blogging at the moment is I have a ton of new content, but I can’t show it until after the holidays!  I promised I wouldn’t do anything to spoil the surprise, since some of the women have said their husbands have seen my site.  But that is okay, I think I can pull an image or two from the archives or from fairly recent shoots to post here.

What I like about being busy with work is I can just focus on doing what I enjoy.  I don’t worry about what people are ranting about on Facebook, I basically don’t have to deal with other people’s BS.  I get to take care of my clients, have fun photo sessions, meet new people and enjoy my life.  It seems like there are so many photographers who crave the attention of others on social media sites.  I honestly don’t play that game.  I blog because I like it, I post images because I am proud of my work.  The only thing I sell is my service.  No “how to be a famous photographer” workshops to sell, no gadgets or applications to sell.  What you see is what you get.

I think what photographers forget is that nobody outside of the photo industry knows who you are when you are a “famous” photographer.  My clients have no idea who the popular photographers are.  Several of these published photographers who work with agency models are totally unknown to my clients, and some of my clients are agency models!  The internet is funny that way.  Just because a ton of people click that little like button, it doesn’t mean squat in the real world.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love positive feedback and I like that people like my work.  I wouldn’t have clients if nobody liked my work!  I just don’t care if I am the most popular kid on the block.  I already get to work with cool people, I’m respected by my peers and I get to do what I want to do pretty much every single day.  Who needs popularity when you have total freedom?  Now go click that little “like” button for my Facebook page at the bottom of the screen. 😉

Amanda by The Average Jim