Because I Like To!

When I was on the road in October-November I had the opportunity to speak at a small workshop in Indiana.  It was a good group of people who had a lot of great questions, and I got to work with them one-on-one which is always something I love to do!  Coming from California, I definitely have a different perspective on this industry and it was great to share that perspective with them.

It really made me think about how much I enjoy being a photographer and how lucky I am to be able to get to do what I love every day.  I think that is something we all dream of, being able to make a living at something you truly love to do.

Part of the workshop was me shooting and showing how I do what I do.  So I photographed a model, told the other photographers my settings and why I was shooting where I was shooting, the angles and all of that stuff.  At the end of the day I realized I had not photographed Mackenzie yet.  She had a great outfit on earlier in the day but I was busy working with a group of photographers and another model so I didn’t get the chance to work with her.  Well, since I was there, and probably wouldn’t be back for a while, I asked her if she would put on the same outfit and we headed outside!

I love to shoot.  If this were a free market society I would still be a photographer!  We got some fairly simple shots at the end of the day, but I really enjoyed creating those images.  I think that is what it is all about.  Enjoyment.  She was a great subject in a small town in the middle of Indiana.  Yes, I love my job! Mackenzie by The Average Jim